Printing Processes

When you select print at the checkout as your preferred method of decoration we will generally come back to you with the most appropriate print technique for your logo or text, unless you advise us of a particular choice. Below you will find a brief outline of the methods we do use all of which are done in house.

CAD cut vinyl print

Vinyl printing is perfect for producing single colour text, simple logos, numbers and creates a very vibrant decoration of the garment.  We can if requested layer the vinyl to produce multiple colour logo's.  This is a great process for small to medium quantities.

Vinyl transfer printing involves a CAD (Computer Aided Design) machine cutting out a design onto a single-colour sheet of vinyl. Any unwanted areas of the design are weeded away, and the vinyl design is then heat sealed on to the garment using a heat press. The result is vibrant and durable as long as the care instructions are followed as advised.

Vinyl printing is fantastic for single-colour orders as it can do this proficiently for any order size at a better cost than direct-to-garment printing. It is great for lettering and especially for vibrant t-shirts with a personalised message like those you might order for a stag or hen trip, as vinyl is low-cost and great for one-off orders. As the design effectively sits on top of the garment, no vibrancy in the colour of the design is lost either.

Digital Print

Digital printing is suitable for printing high resolution images such as photos as well as complex logo's and designs involving multiple colours, gradations and drop shadows.  It’s great for small to medium quantities and produces crisp reproduction of your graphics. Durability is impressive too.

Digital transfer printing involves printing a full colour design onto a digital vinyl media which is then cut around the design in a similar manner to CAD cut vinyl print. The transfer is then heat pressed on to the garment to produce a durable and lasting design. We use original manufacturer inks and media to help achieve this.

Digital printing is fantastic for low quantities of multi-colour designs as it produces high quality, vibrant designs that effectively sit on top of the garment, and so no brightness in the colour of the design is lost. For this reason, it is especially suited to producing photographic images or colour gradations.  We can also use variations of this media in a clear format to produce designs that reveal the colour of the original garment in between printed areas.

Screen Transfer Print

Screen transfer printing is suitable for printing complex designs like digital print but is probably more suited to medium / higher volume orders. It is suitable for printing high resolution images such as complex logo's and designs involving multiple colours and gradations. Durability is again impressive too.

Screen transfer printing involves the application of ink directly through a screen onto transfer paper. The design on the transfer paper is then cured and is transferred to the garment using a heat press.

Screen transfer printing is like screen printing, but instead of printing directly onto the garment, the design is firstly printed onto a type of transfer paper using a screen, which is usually a wooden or metal frame with a fine mesh surface. Every colour requires a separate screen consisting of a very fine mesh surface which is produced using light reactive chemicals. Where the chemicals have been exposed to light, they breakdown and are washed off leaving spaces in the mesh which act as a template for the design. The colours are then individually screen printed onto the transfer paper by placing the screen manually or automatically and forcing the printers ink through the relevant screen stencil. The transfer paper is cured, and the design can then be heat pressed onto the garment.


Embroidered clothing and uniforms

Embroidery offers a much higher perception of quality and greater durability of garment decoration. We offer an individualised and bespoke service for embroidery with the all the work being completed by our own team of experts.  It’s a popular process for workwear, uniforms, corporate and promotional clothing.  It is high quality at affordable pricing.  We will generally advise if a garment is suitable for embroidery or better suited to print.

Embroidered Garments

Embroidery is the process by which a design is sewn onto a garment using a computerised embroidery machine. The process gives a highly professional long-lasting appearance and is suitable for text or logos in full colour. We use the latest embroidery machines which give a professional finish each time and every time. We won't take short cuts either, backing fabrics and the correct thread / needle mix will be used to achieve the highest quality result. We offer a truly individualised service when it comes to embroidery and will generally provide a bespoke quote for any embroidery jobs to give you the best possible options and above all price. If you have any questions, please just drop us an email.

To produce an embroidered logo, we must manually redraw the logo in a format which can be read by an embroidery machine. This conversion process is known as digitisation. Plain text in simple fonts is easier and therefore cheaper to convert than embroidered logos.